Julian Marcus
The School of Relational Bodywork

Julian has immersed himself in body-based practices for over two decades training, practicing and teaching bodywork and somatic coaching.

He helps practitioners bridge talk and touch with a fluid unified approach in service of the clients inherent wellness and body-intelligence.

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I work with the public and practitioners supporting others drawn to this path of body-based wisdom and trusting the innate intelligence of life as it organises itself through us. Some popular terms for this are somatics and embodiment but I find these have been so over used they can loose their original potency and meaning.

I am here to help you find body-felt clarity in life, choice making and relationships, be that professional with clients or in interpersonal everyday life.

My purpose is to support you in living free from the burden of internalised patterns that hinder your naturalness. This work supports you to move into the life of your body-based dreams with purpose, heart and peace. It inspires me to shared practices rooted in the body and fully informed by our inner capacity for moment to moment knowing.

I practice and teach both online and in person with a student clinic where practitioners can come and deepen their practice together with others.

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I have always loved nature and the embodied feeling of being fully vital, resourced and alive that comes from climbing trees or being on mountains, in lakes, waterfalls, rivers and forests.

My grandmother, mother and father have all been into voice, movement and human development, so from a young age I was exposed to these worlds of complementary health and conscious ways of living. It fascinated me how with very similar circumstances, some suffered and seemed to spread that suffering and others were able to seemingly use it as food to grow and transform.

I remember sharing this with friends through play and nature immersion time together. That’s the first time I felt this part of my purpose here on the planet: to help people enjoy being in their bodies and feel alive.

I love to work, where possible, in person with body based practices and have recently been invited by peers to completed some further such trainings; namely in Sexological Bodywork, Embodied Sex coaching and a Certificate in Somatic Sex Education. I have been invited now to teach other practitioner on these pathways and support with continuing practitioner development post certification.

Today, as an extension of these trainings I help individuals to experience their happiest, healthiest sexual selves, with more freedom from pain or shame. I’ve coached hundreds of people in all kinds of bodies from around the world on how to experience greater erotic pleasure, create more love for their body and improve communication around desires to experience a happy, healthy expression of their individual sexuality. I am devoted to another lifelong purpose of celebrating our bodies as healthy, whole and worthy of acceptance and love.