Practitioner Mentoring
with Julian Marcus
  • Julian Marcus Treble
    School Founder

    Julian has immersed himself in body-based practices for over two decades training, practicing and teaching bodywork and somatic coaching.

    He helps practitioners bridge talk and touch with a fluid unified approach in service of the clients inherent wellness and body-intelligence.

Explore your next learning edge

The School of Relational Bodywork supervision and mentorship. We offer this online and in person at our learning clinic in Lisbon. If you are looking to gain new perspectives, insights and skills as a bodyworker, or somatic coach please get in touch.

By joining our mentoring track you can receive expert support with your practice.


We offer professional practice mentorship for coaches, bodyworkers and movement teachers which are aimed and structured to support you with:

  • Your purpose, vision and focus as a practitioner
  • The business, marketing and communication aspects of speaking to your audience with clarity and heart
  • Evolving your capacity as a skilled helper
  • Learning edges will aways arise as we continue to see clients or students in our work. These edges help to show us where our emerging and integrating sense of identity and internal capacity to serve may need support, practice and c