Therapeutic Bodywork Practitioner Mentoring

  • Julian Marcus Treble
    School Founder & Mentor

    Julian has been joyfully immersed in body-based practices for over two decades; engaging in ongoing trainings himself, practicing with public, teaching bodywork and somatic coaching. His greatest satisfaction comes from learning edge support and sharing a synthesis of relational approaches for person centred bodywork, with Body Poem™ and somatic coaching.

    His particular area of experience is aiding people to find a felt-sense of agency and choice in moving towards their goals or embodied holistic wellness with trust and clarity.


We offer professional practice mentorship for coaches, bodyworkers and movement teachers which are aimed and structured to support you with:

  • Your purpose, vision and focus as a practitioner - finding your ideal clients for maximum efficacy and professional satisfaction
  • The business, marketing and communication aspects of speaking to your audience with clarity and heart
  • Evolving your capacity as a skilled helper - relational touch and person centred somatic coaching skills. Bridging talk to practice with treatment and coaching model
  • Learning edges support. Growth edges will aways arise as we continue to evolve and work with the public. These edges help to show us what is emerging and integrating in us as we grow ourselves. Its exiting to recognise that our sense of identity should and will change. Our internal capacity and resilience edges to hold space for and serve may need support at times, added practice and insights with and from peers or elders is a great way to find support through supervision, mentorship and reflective peer practice.

We are proud to have an inspiring team of skilled faculty consisting of celebrated authors, mentors and experienced practitioners for a variety of valuable experience and support in the field of bodywork, embodiment and relational clinical practice.

  • Philip Shepherd

    Author, Coach & Practitioner Mentor
  • Howard Evans

    Author, Coach & Practitioner Mentor
  • Carol Davis
    Author, Coach & Practitioner Mentor
  • Dirk Oellibrandt

    Author, Coach & Practitioner Mentor

Explore your next learning edge

The School of Relational Bodywork - "Skilled Helper", person centred practice, mentorship programs offer online and in-person support for ongoing practitioner development. Come visit, observe or be observed at one of our teaching clinics where we work with public giving you real life embodied clinical learning experiences.

If you are looking to gain new perspectives, insights and skills as a bodyworker, or somatic coach please get in touch to explore if our programs will suit you.

By joining our mentoring track you can receive expert support with your practice from me and my team.