Founder of the School of relational bodywork

Julian Marcus Embodiment Coach

Julian has immersed himself in body-based practices for over two decades training, practicing with the public, teaching bodywork and somatic coaching.
He helps practitioners bridge talk and touch with a fluid unified approach in service of the clients inherent wellness and body-intelligence.

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Extended Bio:

I am a father to my 11 year old son Dylan and happily engaged to my long term partner Jayne of 13 years now. We live in central Portugal and have been here for 11 years since the birth of our son. I practice and teach near Lisbon as well as holding the teaching clinics in Algarve, Porto and abroad. My other passion is still and moving image and I have worked as a photographer and videographer alongside my bodywork for an equal amount of time, over 20 years. I co-run, a personal branding and ethical marketing agency for practitioners and other positive change makers.

I love my work with the public and particularly enjoy supporting practitioners with their learning edges in service to their client public. I love supporting others drawn to a path of body-based or embodied wisdom to trust the innate intelligence of life as it organises itself through us in each moment.

I am here to help others find body-felt clarity in life, choice making and relating.

My purpose is to support other in living liberated and free from the burdens of internalised patterns that hinder naturalness, joy and wellness. I share practices naturally rooted in the body and informed by our inner capacity for moment to moment felt knowing. These processes allow for self-updates that are in rhythm with the naturally emerging intelligence of our being so tend to be well within our resilient capacity for change while promoting growth and transformation that is stable and long lasting.

I practice and teach both online and in person with a strong focus on our student embodiment clinics where practitioner learners can come and deepen their practice together with others.

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I have always loved to be connected to nature and the feeling of being vital and and alive wether that comes from climbing trees, being in mountains, swimming in lakes, waterfalls, rivers or forests bathing.

My grandmother, mother and father have all been into voice, movement and human development, so from a young age I was exposed to these worlds of complementary health and conscious approaches to living. Human behaviour, relating and the seeming duality of pleasure and human suffering have long driven me to reflect on my best path and choice of work given that to support people out of suffering and into a more joyful life seemed like the most fulfilling "job" one could possibly have.

I remember sharing my childlike joy for what I know now as healthy joyful embodiment with friends through play and nature immersion time together. That’s the first time I felt this connection to my purpose; it had to do with helping people enjoy being in their bodies and really feel alive.

I love to work, where possible, in person with body-based touch or coaching practices and have in recent years (2020-2022) been invited by peers to complete some further such trainings; namely in Sexological Bodywork, Embodied Sex coaching and a Certificate in Somatic Sex Education with a view to being invited to coach and teach on this trainings. I have very much enjoyed and been enriched by this work and it has transformed my practice both in scope and focus and enabled me to transform the way I now teach other practitioners both on these named pathways and support with continuing practitioner development post certification and also the way I bring my other elements of my bodywork background to the work we do in the teaching clinic and modules here at The School of Relational Bodywork.

Today, as an extension of these trainings I love to help individuals to experience their happiest, healthiest sexual selves, with more freedom from pain and shame. I can say now that I have coached many people in all kinds of bodies from around the world on how to experience greater erotic pleasure, create more experience of love for their body, improve communication around desires and therefore to experience a happier, healthier expression of their individual sexuality.
Client feedback:
BSc (Hon) Therapeutic Bodywork – 2003
Thai Yoga Massage Teacher – 2004
7407 Qualified Teacher – 2004
Chi Kung Teacher – 2004
Associate Health Tao Instructor – 2005
4 Dimensional Bodywork – 2005
Wheel of Consent – Like and Pro – 2015
STREAM – Pelvic hands-on therapy – 2016
The Embodied Present Process Workshops – 2018
Wheel of Consent Group Facilitator Training – 2018
Body Poem – Somatic Coach – 2019
Certified Sexological Bodyworker – 2020
Certified Embodied Sex Coach – 2020
Certified Somatic Sex Educator – 2022
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