Easter 5 Day Retreat
The Sacred Dance Of Shiva & Shakti


28 March - 2nd April 2024

Monte Mariposa Retreat Centre, Algarve, Portugal

(The Venue is 30 mins from Faro Airport)

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Teachers: Julian Marcus & Peter Bampton

Our retreat program will include:

  • Foundations of silence and reflection - first day plus morning and evenings
  • Community erotic Body Poem™ somatic circle time with body focusing, clean language and waking lucid dream work for group cohesion, container making and intention setting
  • Beautiful boundaries - an interoceptive journey into the heart of service and pleasure, rotating embodiment triads of 3 working as witness, receiver and doer.
  • Unlocking the hidden power of shame & revealing our greatest gifts with group circle sharing and embodiment triads again.
  • Identifying and working with Core erotic theme as the governor of all our relationships
  • Touching Wellness - a practical biodaynamic craniosacral touch for healing and deep resource in pairs. Surrendering into the mastery of touch - the principles of "feel and follow".
  • Daily Meditation & Chi Kung practice varying styles from internal sexual alchemy to standing and dynamic forms
  • Co-listening Practice + Discussion Groups and talks on the themes at play
(Optional one to one sessions with our supporting practitioner retreat team - subject to availability, pre-booking recomended)
This is a 5 day deep dive immersion beginning with a day of deep meditation, breath and bodywork with qi gong to relax, ground and open the body-mind to the inherent peace, clarity and radiance of your being.

Then we'll enter into an exploration of the Art of Sacred Intimacy, a "True Tantra" of Embodied practices and empowered living sourced not in the ego's search for self-fulfilment, but in the authenticity of whole bodily surrender to the our unfolding self-organising principle guiding our life through both poles of suffering or bliss.

Living in tune with our naturalness is the way of this retreat. We'll call forth our full spiritual essence and power to invoke and embrace the Dance of Shiva and Shakti within and between us. In this dynamic wholeness we'll birth together a crucible of radical acceptance and honesty, in which you are invited, welcomed and supported into your sovereign feeling of wholeness through practices, meditation, silence and self-inquiry. Connect with your full spectrum self and be humbled by the love and authenticity of others.
Do you long to transform your emotional-sexual relationship into an alchemical crucible for spiritual growth - a space to soften the grip of ego and experience your true nature as a continuum of Love?

Are you weary of the postmodern merging of the potency of fully embodied and expressed masculine and feminine? We are not talking about male / female here but the deeper living expression of universal principles of polarity.

Do you long to awaken, recover, reconfigure and embody your full potential as Shiva (the masculine) or as Shakti (the feminine) such that you can access the full spectrum of human intelligence and capacity?

Do you intuit that there is a mystical undercurrent within the play of erotic attraction that transcends (and includes) both the biological urge of procreation and the pleasure-seeking of endless desire?

If you say yes then we invite you to come and relax, release and play in the realms of yogic intimacy. We'll provide a safe container of loving awareness to explore and embrace the heart-opening and heartbreaking practice of dissolving the conditioned patterning that binds and limits our expression of natural ecstasy.
5 days, meditation, bodywork, somatics and chi kung

The Sacred Dance Of Shiva & Shakti

This retreat will include space to be as well as a rich program to enjoy including; morning qi gong sessions, somatic and bodywork practice. silent & dynamic meditations, community Body Poem™, ritual trance dance and more. If all are willing to let go into the Dance it promises to be a deeply vulnerable, edgy, humorous and ecstatic occasion. There will be exploration and exercises on the theme of conscious sexuality, but no "live" sexual practice this container is intended to support a feeling of safety and trust with varying edges.

Location Details For the retreat

Our home for the 5 days includes:

  • Group Retreat Space: Temple of the Valley (80 m², glazed)
  • 9 wooden cabins with 2 single beds
  • 2 wooden cabins with kitchenette, double bed, bathroom
  • 1 wooden cabins with 1 double and 1 single bed
  • 1 tipi (2 single beds)
  • Kitchen with dining area
  • 2 shower buildings with toilets (6 showers, 5 wc)
  • Outdoor Qi Gong / Yoga Decks
  • Temple of the Trees (approx. 18 m²)
  • Outdoor Swimming pool
  • Space for camping

Details & Inclusive Prices for the retreat

From €625 per person early bird price for the 5 days, including cabin accommodation, full retreat program and food. This is also the price for Portuguese wage earners.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT before Feb 10th:

Camping / Camper van €1150 Early Bird. €1050
Single bed in 2 person cabin €1250 Early Bird. €1150
Friends / Couple in double or twin bed cabin €1500 Early Bird. €1700

A further €25 discount per person for 2+ reservations

Price Distribution:
Venue: Monte Mariposa €70 per day per person in cabins / €45 per person camping or camper van

Tuition: €100 per day divided 50 and 50 between Pete and Julian

  • Please pay your non-refundable deposit of €250 per person to secure your place here with reference "Easter Retreat"

Retreat Team

  • Peter Bampton

    Retreat Leader, Mentor, Meditation & Qi Gong Teacher

    Peter has lived 4 decades of deep meditation, penetrating inquiry and innovative, trailblazing spiritual community with meditation, self-enquiry and deep devotional practice. His passion and focus is the individual and collective remembrance and embodiment of the sacred fire of the human heart.

  • Julian Marcus

    Retreat Leader, Relational Bodywork Educator, Mentor, Qi Gong Teacher

    As a passionate and enthusiastic proponent of human evolution and integration he brings two decades of training and teaching experience of both traditional practices and modern day health sciences. In this retreat Julian will bring an series embodied explorations on the theme of divine polarity to serve you to harness and harvest their fruits in service of a more fulfilling life.

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7 days of deep relaxation, re-set, renewal and deeply soulful growth

We bring you a container of silence, community, meditation, embodied breath and relaxation practice, together with somatics, touch and Body Poem.

Optional massage, one to one yoga, sound journeys or embodiment coaching available upon request at the time of booking.