Experiential Teaching Embodiment Clinic

An opportunity for the public to experience and benefit from our work in a variety of UK & European city locations at reduced rates.

Want to be part of our next teaching clinics:
Monchique, Algarve - February 22 - 25th
Lisbon, April 8 -12th

Come experience our work

Our relational bodywork clinics are designed to:

  • Introduce this work to more people and spread of awareness for these approaches into different communities

  • Offer valuable opportunities for ongoing practitioner development for current students and graduates; to both witness or be observed in clinical practice

  • Provide the opportunity for practitioners to meet in person and keep their practices alive in community

  • Julian Marcus Treble

    School Founder & Clinic Manager

    Julian was deeply touched and inspired by his experience at university in the public facing teaching clinic he was part of in 2001 while studying for his degree; Therapeutic Bodywork, in London . This experience stuck with him and was the prime motivator to create a similar learning environment in recent years for his students. It is his experience that learning in an embodied way, hands on, in community with other committed individuals and sharing the work with the public is of paramount importance to being a well rounded, confident and effective practitioner.

Attend as a client

If you are curious about our work or have been recomended to this work by a friend or colleague we have two options for being received into our school's practice clinics:

  1. Book an online intro-call and then attend one of our online clinics with one of our team.
  2. After an online intro-call book a session at one of our in person clinics.

We have regular online clinic slots available in the week 9 am - 5 pm UK / Portugal Time.

In-person clinics run in Carcavelos, close to Lisbon, Portugal as well as other cities in Europe.

Trust & Safety Is Key

We offer you our quality assurance through our commitment to providing ongoing supervision to our practitioners, our code of ethics and welcoming your experience and feedback on your time with us.

By joining our teaching clinics you will receive expert support and the loving presence of our team.

Attend as a Practitioner

These days many practitioner trainings lack a clinical experiential component, here we prioritise offering these high quality teaching clinics as an opportunity for our public communities to experience the benefits of our work at a low cost and give ongoing valuable ongoing experiential professional clinic based development to our learners in the role of "skilled helper".

If you are a bodyworker, touch therapist, massage practitioner or somatic, body based coach interested in learning new approaches with our community of graduates and learners throughout Portugal, UK, Europe and further afield. This is a place you can get to see our work in action and be part of it both online and in person.

Explore your next learning edge

This work is all about the true satisfaction of serving others. It brings us growth and evolution as a human being to live a fulfilled and aligned life. Guided by our embodied ethics that uphold our practice with human values of confidentiality, warmth, radical acceptance, curiosity and compassion. We offer sincere duty of care to those seeking the support and transformative benefits of this kind of community based learning and practice.

Embodiment Experiential Teaching Clinic

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